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Physics is the study of matter through space and time, dealing with energy and force. It’s an analysis of nature and we use it to understand how the universe works. Physics is another one of those classes that students tend to struggle with. A lot of schools are offering physics AP classes and many students decided to take the class so they can have a jump start on earning their college or university units while in high school. A similar science to chemistry, physics tests your analytical skills. You’re expected to learn several basic rules and formulas but are required to be able to apply them to a vast array of different word problems. At Los Angeles Tutor, we have a good understanding of physics and are able to help our students avoid the pitfalls of the subject that many students struggle with. We believe that a good physics tutor should be able to explain the concepts in a matter in which the student can really understand and conceptualize. Remember, there is a lot more to physics than just memorization…..you have to be able to apply what you’ve learned. As with a lot of challenging high school courses, keeping up with your school work will payoff in the long run. Make sure you dedicate 1-2 hours a day going over your physics lecture notes, reviewing the book and working out problems. The more problems you do, the more comfortable you will become with the material and thus, be more successful on exams. Below, you will find some common physics formulas to help guide you through your course. When working through problems using the equations below, make sure you have the correct units for the answer you’re looking for. Write out all the units for all the variables you’re using to make sure your answer has the units you’re looking for. Below the area of formulas, you will find some helpful links to other websites that can provide you with additional physics practice problems and show students how to work through various physics questions. Los Angeles Tutor has put together a great team of in home tutors in your area to help with physics. CONTACT US today for more information on getting a physics tutor in the Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Westwood areas.

Physics Tutor

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Helpful Physics Formulas


To find the distance an object has traveled when it is thrown:


y = vt - gt2/2



y = distance traveled

v = velocity of the object

g = gravity

t = time



Physics Resources


The Splung website offers students a comprehensive database of physics concepts and has available a physics forum to ask questions and to be able to read what others are saying about their physics problems.



The Physics Classroom website offers high school physics students an online physics tutorial and has a collection of pages with questions and answers for more physics practice.


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