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A lot of students find calculus to be very challenging. Calculus is a discipline in mathematics that focuses on limits, functions, integrals, derivatives and infinite series. More precisely, calculus is the study of change. A lot of students struggle with calculus because it’s hard to “see” what’s going on. Finding the rate of change or tangents can be confusing because a lot of students don’t understand what that really means and don’t see the point of learning it. At Los Angeles Tutor, we have a great team of in home tutors in your area to help with calculus and we’re able to explain the nuances of the subject in a way that the student can understand and appreciate. As with most subjects in school, a lot of practice is necessary to do well. Calculus is a little different than most subjects because it’s mostly application of a few rules and equations. There aren’t a lot of equations that need to be memorized for high school calculus. Students find themselves struggling with the subjects because they don’t have a full understanding of the rules and equations that have to do with calculus. Below you will find some important equations students should have seen or will see by the end of their calculus course. It’s important to understand what each of the variables mean and how to use them. Our Los Angeles Tutors have a lot of experience with calculus and can help. Also, at the bottom of the page, you will find some helpful links to websites that have additional resources for the subject of calculus. You’ll be able to see different methods on approaching problems and can ask questions on forums. CONTACT US today for more information on getting a calculus tutor in the Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Westwood areas.

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Helpful Calculus Formulas

Differentiation Formulas


Integration Formulas

Remember that u'dx = du and may be replaced by du.



Calculus Resources


The Math Forum at Drexel offer students selected answers to common questions like the chain rule and explaining what a derivative is. They also have examples of how calculus can be applied so students can get a better understanding as to why and how we use calculus.



The Mathematical Association of America have put together a great article on their website that talks about how to deal with high school calculus and gives recommendations on how to succeed in the course.


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Experienced Educational Specialists monitor students' progress


A personalized tutoring plan for every student


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