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Brentwood is a small district in the western part of Los Angeles with a population of approximately 42,000 residents. Most of the residents in Brentwood over the age of 25 have some sort of professional degree. Only 5% of the population doesn’t have a high school degree. One of the main schools in the area is the Brentwood School. It is a nonsectarian K-12 co-ed school. Most of the faculty has an advanced degree and the average class size is 17. The Brentwood school offers 25 advanced placement courses but is relatively difficult to get in to with an acceptance rate of 20%. They have a great teacher to student ratio of 1 to 8 but are a private school with a yearly tuition costing approximately $30,000. There are also other private and public schools in the area which offer residents a different curriculum and style of learning. It’s important to review all aspects of a school when deciding which one a student should attend. A lot of families may have trouble paying for a private school in Brentwood so going the public route may be the best way to go in that instance. Below, we’ve provided a list of schools and libraries in the Brentwood area to serve as a reference when trying to figure out what school to attend. In addition, this list can be used to stay up to date on what your particular school is doing and to give parents the opportunity to get involved with the school if they want to. Los Angeles Tutor offers tutoring at the schools and libraries below as an alternative to in home tutoring. A lot of times, a student is more focused in a school or library environment because there are less distractions. At Los Angeles Tutor, we try to make the tutoring process as easy and convenient as we can so please let us know what works best for you. At the bottom of the page, you will find additional resources to help Brentwood students and parents get a better understanding of the school district they’re school is in and more information on how to deal with getting into college after high school.

Brentwood Schools

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Brentwood Schools and Libraries for Tutoring



Paul Revere Charter Middle School

1450 Allenford Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90049

Phone – 310-917-4800


Paul Revere Charter Middle School is located in Brentwood and services the grades, 6-8.


University High School

11800 Texas Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90025

Phone – 310-914-3500


University High School is a public high school located near the Brentwood area.


Brentwood School

100 South Barrington Place

Los Angeles, CA 90049


Brentwood School is a private coed K-12 school located in Brentwood.


Archer School for Girls

11725 Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90049


Archer School for Girls is a single-sex middle to high school located in the Brentwood area.




Brentwood Library
104 Oak St
Brentwood, CA 94513-1335
(925) 634-4101



Brentwood Resources

The Los Angeles Unified School District website offers students and families helpful recourses with updated announcements, various graduation requirements and college and career information.



The Under Grad Zone website offers students tips and resources on how to approach some of the decisions made in high school, test preparation, choosing a college and much more.



Century City – Culver City is located between Beverly Hills and Westwood in the West Los Angeles area.

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