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Los Angeles Tutor is an in-home tutoring organization that has been helping students in the Los Angeles area since 2002.  Our organization is run by a management team with professional tutoring experience and a diverse educational background, consisting of bachelor degrees in Biochemistry, Psychology and Mechanical Engineering.  Our team also has masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Nursing and Business Administration (MBA). Below you will find information about our tutors and how Los Angeles Tutor can help you or your child.



Our Tutors


Los Angeles Tutor puts great effort into ensuring that we only hire the best tutors for our organization to serve our clients. We take it one step further and do a through background check on all of our tutors to make sure they have a clean record. Los Angeles Tutor concentrate only on the Los Angeles area, allowing us to focus on the needs of our community.  In addition, we have experience working with most of the schools in the county.  Unlike other tutoring companies, this is not just a website from which you pick generic/unspecialized tutors from.   We have the experience and assessment skills, and work with you personally to determine the type of tutor that would best serve your and/or your childs needs.  After learning about your areas of concern, we personally assign you a tutor and send you a detailed profile of their background and experiences prior to your tutoring session.


To ensure the quality of our services, each of our prospective tutors undergo a thorough screening process to assess their tutoring capabilities. It is required that our tutors not only have great grades and know the subjects well, but they must also be skilled at explaining the material in a clear and effective manner.  In other words, unlike other organizations, we test our tutors to make sure they are excellent teachers!  We ensure that our tutors have great knowledge of the subjects, and are able to share their knowledge in a way that will allow potentially confused and/or nervous students to understand and learn the material well. With so many years of experience under our belt, we know how to select the best tutors.  Knowing that our bright tutors are the backbone of our organization, we make the selection of our staff our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.



Customer Service


Los Angeles Tutor knows the importance of customer service when it comes to finding the right organization for tutoring assistance. That is why we operate unlike other tutoring services. Most of the time, calling other tutoring companies will always result in reaching a voicemail and not getting a phone call back for several days! Other times, you may have to call a toll free call center that forwards you to a website, in which you select tutors with little or no information about them.  At Los Angeles Tutor, we take care of our clients a lot differently.  Our services allow you to work with a Los Angeles Tutor educational specialist to make sure you find the right tutor the first time!  In addition, we strive to return all phone calls within 2 hours, knowing that you may need a tutor as soon as possible.  For that reason, we have same day tutoring available! We are available from 9am – 7pm everyday to answer any questions and/or to assign you a tutor.  If we are on the other line when you call, you can be confident that someone will call you back shortly.    


Academic emergencies happen!  For this reason, we have set up an after hours answering service that is checked frequently for emergency situations.  We have tutors on standby to come and substitute for a tutor that can’t make an appointment for some reason.  You don’t have to wait 2 or 3 days to make sure you have a substitute.  Many times, we can find you an appropriate replacement the same day.  We don’t want our clients to be stranded the day before a test or project without a tutor to help.  We’ve got you covered.  



CAN’T AFFORD TUTORING? – Los Angeles Tutor can help!


We are a local Los Angeles tutoring organization that is dedicated to helping the community achieve their academic goals.  We have several different options and programs available in order to meet the needs of every family that needs assistance.


We know that not all families will be able to afford supplemental tutoring for their child.  In response to the increasing need for educational help, Los Angeles Tutor has put together a scholarship program for families with challenging household incomes.  Subsidized tutoring is available for qualifying families.  We try to always find a way to help every student we can. Check out our Scholarship link for more details.  




Los Angeles Tutor Specializes


We specialize in Math, Science, as well as helping our students with test preparation, test taking skills and time management skills.  We have excellent tutors available for the following subjects:




Biology - AP/H Biology


Chemistry - AP/H Chemistry


Physics - AP/H Physics


Middle and high school specialty science courses





Calculus - AP/H Calculus


Geometry - AP/H Geometry




Algebra and all other math classes





SAT Preparation


SAT 2 Preparation


ACT Preparation





Work on test taking skills and reducing test anxiety


Teach efficient time management habits  


Work on students self esteem and self-confidence


Reading and Writing assistance



Contact a Los Angeles Tutor Educational Specialist today to get details on our programs and how we can help.  



Email: Info@LosAngelesCityTutor.com

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